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Thursday, 05 / 26, 2022

gravity die-casting

Valmate Die-Casting Foundry is equipped two facilities for the Gravity and Pressure Casting, the Gravity Die-Casting is particularly suitable to components with sectional changes and complex forms, and produces higher quality thick wall castings. Valmate's Gravity Die-Casting quality has been certified and conformity to Federal specification QQ A601 and MIL C 21189 requirements. Valmate also has worked on every aspect of process to achieve tighter dimensional tolerance and minimize final machining. This foundry has been equipped in-house automatic machining facilties for high volume production.

Vertical Die-Casting Machines
Vertical Die-Casting Machines
Machine Shop
Machine Shop

    This ISO-9001 and TS-16949 certifed foundry equipped an in-house pattern and machine shop, all of steps of production by CAM, prototyping, casting, machining to finished components would be programming controlled, the material properties, dimensions would be inspected by Spectrometer, CMM, Profile Projector, Gauges.

  • Valmate is able to offer gravity die-castings as following

    • Casting Size: 10g to 40kg
    • Quantity: 200 to 800,000 pieces per lot
    • Materials: A356.0, A357.0, specified alloys
    • Material Properties: High ductility, corrosion resistance, strength components.
    • Single Source Supplier:
      • Mold design and build
      • Heat treatment
      • Painting, Powder Coating
      • Leak-Testing
      • Casting
      • Precision machining
      • Assembly
  • Gravity Die-Casting Applications

    • Motorcycle engine, cylinder head, intake manifold
    • Water pump, air pump, electric, steeling components
    • Hydraulic, marine, medical, sport equip, parts.
  • Secondary Operations for customers

    We also offer value added services include:
    • Heat Treatment
    • Machihning, Welding
    • Anodizing, Painting
    • Assimbly, Testing
    Gravity Die-Casting